Amazing and unique interior design of bathroom

Amazing and gorgeous bathroom, which is known with its funny and ideas luxury furniture. The luxury swimsuit interior is created mainly with commercial purpose, aso to impress with bright colors, lavish accessories and interior asscociations for luxury for female boudoir. And certainly, the commertial trick appears very successful, if we judge by the amount of […]

Ideas for modern and practic design of small bath

Small bathroom is probably one of the the toughest building and furnishing the rooms in the house, despite its small size and inconspicuous at first glance need for caution. Every detail, every inch is crucial for the final result and comfort in this small but important space. The design of a small bathroom in most […]

Artistic asymmetry in white

Interior design of family bath 14 m² The design of the young family’s apartment, that we present, was awarded with prize “The public bathroom 2012″ in category “Perfect bath for my family” in the competition of Ideal Standard. The author of this design speaks about it : “This is real project for one of the […]

Interior project of bath for young lady

I am the “I” in my bathroom! The interior design, that we present to you won its first award and prize “Ideal Standard Bath for 2013″ in one named competition in category “My bathroom – this is me”!. The projects author “Atelier” located in Paris – one of the trendy capitol cities in the world, […]

Device for contacless flushing in the toilet

KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit is the of the device that makes the water flushing in your toilet only with one wave of your hand above the sensor. The device come out with the idea to satisfy the modern families needs in their homes., who search for ways to increase the hygiene in their baths. […]

Interior design of two bathrooms in apartment

Main bathroom In the apartment are situated two baths, one is used mainly from the parents, and the other is in possession of their son. In the interior decisions of these premises is set a extraordinary approach. Instead of the traditional wall covering all in tiles and decors, here faience has been used only in […]

Electronic Touch Panel Bath Control by Viega

This electronic touch-panel for bath control by Viega puts spa-inspired comfort in your fingertips – literally! Elegant look and practical function, of Multiplex Trio E4 removes interrupting mechanical elements of past products with black shiny design, with touch panel, integrating all controls for you bath, like the water pressure and level, temperature, the hand-shower function, […]

Unique and lavish designs of wooden bathtubs

Wooden bathtubs are one wonderful choice for interior dream. Every bathtub in this collection of Unique Wood Design has it’s own character and this makes it perfect choice as for minimalist, as for classic decors. Bathtub’s designs should be simple and harmonic and their main priority is necessary to provide comfort. This is offered from […]